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Converting website traffic to valued customers

Customer conversion is the objective of most business websites but it is too often a disregarded service when dealing with SEO or content marketing companies.

“improving your website’s conversion rate starts before you write a single word of new content.”

It is very important to ensure that your content or SEO strategy doesn’t just hyper-focus on improving visibility and increasing visitors.  Every written word needs to be mindful of the ultimate objective – which is ensuring that your visitors either make contact or make a purchase.

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How do you maximise customer conversion?

Website content must do so many things – and it must be brilliant at each one without adversely affecting any of the others.

The key tasks we focus on when creating and perfecting your content for customer conversion include:

  • Increasing Visibility – content must optimize your visibility, such as how often it appears in search engine rankings, or how often it’s shared or linked to by others.
  • Improving Click-Through Rate – content must be optimized so that when it’s listed off-site (SERP snippets etc) the click-through rate is maximised. Usually, the focus is to make any SERP listing eye-catching, enticing and also alluring.
  • Maximising Engagement – there are many factors to engage a visitor to your website to ensure they stay and read your content, get a feeling that you’re the ‘right fit’ for them and don’t just bounce off the site and go somewhere else.
  • Optimizing for Retention – purchase decisions aren’t made instantly. The larger the offering, the longer it takes to convince a prospect that you are the right fit supplier. It’s therefore essential to ensure that any visitor has quick and easy access to all the information they need and that you deliver this in a timely and engaging manner.
  • Closing the Deal – once a visitor is ready to consider a purchase or to make contact it’s important to ensure that you give them the best options to do this.

Choosing the right customer conversion partner

Working with a partner who can turn your content strategy into an efficient process using data intelligence is fundamental to your success, in fact, it’s essential to achieving your goals before your budget runs out.
Measurement is key, analysis is key, the ability to adapt quickly is key, and even ‘split-testing’ of the many factors involved (content, layouts, messaging, visual calls to action etc.) is of great importance to success.

“We have worked with ICC Digital on several projects. We always get the perfect output with a limited need for making further changes. They are very fast with their responses and extremely professional with their approach. Even after their ‘part’ is over, they follow up right until the end, liaising with the design agencies to make sure that the project is complete and live.”

Lakshmi Kanthan

Senior Marketing Manager - Fujitsu Hybrid Cloud, European Platform Business

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