Content-Hawk SEO and Digital Marketing Service

What is Content-Hawk?

Content-Hawk is our unique managed service tool that we use to track, monitor, manage and radically improve your online content strategy.

‘The Hawk’ is our in-house, competitor ‘killer’ content analysis and marketing tool.”

Designed and created to ‘hover’ over your content, Content-Hawk searches for content marketing strategy weaknesses and delivers actionable insights.
Content-Hawk sees everything. It’s capable of aggregating data from your content strategy, from multiple competitors’ content strategies and many other disparate data sources.

This aggregation gives the best possible view, a holistic understanding of a multitude of factors that affect content marketing and advanced digital marketing strategies.
Vast volumes of Content-Hawk data are used to rapidly ‘hunt’ down insights to provide your business with an unparalleled competitive advantage.

Who can benefit from our Content-Hawk service?

Our solution benefits businesses with websites of any size, but it uniquely excels in helping large websites of 5,000 pages+ that are constantly changing and have many contributors performing those changes.

In simple terms, our Content-Hawk service can track data and details, find mistakes and bad practices, hone in on problems and errors and turn what it finds into actionable insight using a scalable system capable of coping with vast amounts of data that a human could never manage manually.

How is Content-Hawk deployed?

Fundamentally, our in-house experts use Content-Hawk to provide your business with reports and actions that can enable you to rapidly and efficiently transform your current website content and efficiently tailor future content development. We also offer an add-on service where we take even more pressure off, by performing these actions for you using your own CMS, if required

“Content-Hawk has the sharpest ‘eyesight’, and that’s the competitive edge your digital content strategy needs.”

How does Content-Hawk work?

Within digital marketing, SEO and content strategies, you can beat your competitors by leveraging content marketing data and insights. With Content-Hawk the way we do this is highly distinctive. We believe that it’s the best system available and that comes down to 5 factors that Content-Hawk excels in.

    1. Aggregation – it gathers accurate data from multiple previously unconnected sources (including your website, your competitors’ websites, Google SERPs, Google analytics, Google search console data and more) to give us an unparalleled data set.
    2. Normalization – we structure these diverse data sets to create insightful relationships and enable previously unachievable comparisons.
    3. Analysis – we use unique analysis techniques to turn huge volumes of data into meaningful intelligence, effectively unlocking the value of your data to give the maximum possible insight.
    4. Reporting – we concisely and effectively report findings, providing you with a single source of truth to help change and improve your content marketing strategy.
    5. Action – we mine this reported data to deliver direct actions that are quick and easy to execute, free from complexity and ambiguity.

We understand that this might all seem a little complex, but rest assured it’s not.  Content-Hawk was designed and built to handle complexity and deliver answers and actions to rapidly and painlessly transform your content marketing and SEO strategy.

“Working with ICC was a brilliant experience  from start to finish.”

“When we first discussed Content-Hawk I’ll admit we were a little confused, but as the reports and actions came in we realised it was a game changer for us.  Finally we had a manageable, scalable way to understand, govern and also improve the thousands of pages of content our website was built to deliver.”

Mark Dale - CEO - Go To Hear Ltd

How can Content-Hawk help your business

We’ve been using Content-Hawk to give large companies (in particular) a competitive advantage over their online competitors.

Content-Hawk gives you a unique view of your online published content (and lots of associated data) like you’ve never had before. It offers fast, up to date data with detailed reporting of your content and the actions needed to fix any issues it finds.

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The history of Content-Hawk.

With decades of experience in many relevant areas (website development, business analytics, content creation, content marketing, SEO, digital marketing, Saas development, and more) we used our knowledge and skill to create a tool to provide our clients with a ‘unique’ advantage. We started this development because we initially needed a tool that could rapidly analyse and aid the way we see and improve content strategies for our clients.  

Content-Hawk was a tool that didn’t exist anywhere else and that still doesn’t, and since its inception over 8 years ago, it’s a tool that has developed into so much more.


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