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We INNOVATE with inspirational digital services,
CREATE compelling performance-driven content and CONVERT  transient visitors into new customers.


Content Optimisation Services

Content needs to be optimised for the task, whether it’s web, social, marketing campaigns or any other digital style – it needs to perform for both humans and the computer algorithms that dictate its visibility. At ICC, we specialise in content optimisation.
Content Optimisation:
Legacy content rationalisation, rewriting content for the web, optimising content for SEO, SERPs, conversion and more.
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Content Writing Services

We create inspirational content that tells your story, shows your value and adds personality to your message. We ensure your content helps you to build trust, engage visitors and convert these to customers to create sustainable growth.
Content Writing: 
Blogs, articles, press releases, case studies, campaign content, social media posts, brochures, flyers, documents and more.
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Content Marketing Services

Our content marketing services focus on ensuring your content’s visibility – enabling you to outperform your competitors. Work with us to improve your SERPs and get noticed, we help you to gain more traffic and win more customers.
Content Marketing:
Increased visibility, better off-site engagement, higher click-through rates, better-matched traffic and more.
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Customer Conversion Services

Attracting potential customers is key, but converting them once they find you is fundamental, and that’s all about the process. At ICC, we’ve dedicated an entire group of services to ensure that ‘traffic’ doesn’t just ‘pass through’.
Customer Conversion:
Traffic improvement, conversion process debugging and optimisation, campaign data analysis and more.
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Content-Hawk Service

Content-Hawk is our unique proprietary solution developed over the last 8 years to give our clients a competitive edge. Content-Hawk brings new levels of intelligence, efficiency and understanding to large-scale content marketing strategies.
Strategy research, competitor analysis, SERPs tracking, content update tracking, full site content analysis, global SEO metrics and more.
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Web Design Services

Web design that works for humans and search engines. Instantly engaging and cohesive design that inspires confidence and builds trust for more return visitors, increased visitor trust and ultimately higher conversion into customers.
Web Design:
Engage instantly, create trust fast, make your brand work, increase efficiency with better outcomes and more.
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“When it comes to higher visibility, increased traffic
and better quality visitors being
converted to loyal customers, delivers.”

Client Testimonials

Fujitsu data storage web project, content strategy and provision.

“ delivered an exceptional content service. I’m thankful to you for your quality work, support, and constant follow-up with the design team to complete the project to the deadline. I look forward to working with you on new projects.”

Roopa Vispi, Global Product Storage, Fujitsu

Long term SEO, content strategy and implementation.

“I’d like to take the opportunity to thank you for all the fantastic work you have done over the last few years for us. You’ve definitely contributed to the success we’ve had in implementing a new global manufacturing website.

You work in a super agile way, always with our needs in mind, foreseeing relevant tasks and issues, connecting the dots within our organisation and proactively engaging with all relevant stakeholders. “

Nicole Schlegel, Head of Global Manufacturing Marketing, Fujitsu.


Content strategy consulting, implementation and tracking

“When we first discussed Content-Hawk I’ll admit we were a little confused, but as the reports and actions came in we realised it was a game changer for us.  Finally we had a manageable, scalable way to understand, govern and also improve the thousands of pages of content our website was built to deliver.”

Mark Dale, Founder & CEO, Go To Hear Ltd.

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